BACK TO MEXICO // the road to van life in mexico

9 janv. 2019
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VAN LIFE VLOG | We're Going Back to Mexico // baja bound ep. 1
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We have loved living in a van (self converted sprinter van) for the last year and a half and while we enjoy spending time in Canada it can get a little cold throughout the winter. So, we've decided to hit the road and drive across the continent to enjoy some warmer weather in Baja Mexico. If our last trip to this country taught us anything... it's to expect the unexpected!!
The day begins with us bidding farewell to Bob and our office space in Toronto, Ontario. Challenges ahead: crossing the American border, 34 hours of driving and spending 24/7 together with no escape! Oh van life, never a dull moment.
BACK TO MEXICO // the road to van life in mexico
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  • visit sedona, arizona. They have a lot of hiking trails and the view is amazing!

    Jeanet PerezJeanet PerezIl y a an
    • Jeanet Perez i loved sedona!! Water is ice cold in summer and the thunderstorms lit up the night like a photography flash..

      Maily NguyenMaily NguyenIl y a an
    • headed there soon😻

      westredgwestredgIl y a an
    • Andrew Bain oops, my bad, Andrew Bain....I misread your comment....I didn’t notice the Inn part...indeed, there is a Butterly Garden Inn in Sedona....the butterfly garden in Scottsdale is a huge greenhouse that houses hundreds of butterflies in different stages of metamorphosis with adults flyin freely around

      tesla Htesla HIl y a an
    • Ya I was going to recommend this too!

      Melanie CamilleMelanie CamilleIl y a an
    • Andrew Bain I live in Sedona....I know of no butterfly garden in Sedona...there is one in Scottsdale, and yes, it is very nice

      tesla Htesla HIl y a an
  • The Simpsons live in Springfield, Oregon. Eugene, Oregon is Shelbyville. Matt Groening, the creator, hails from Portland, Oregon.

    D.E.D.E.Il y a 2 mois
  • Of course Eamon wore his shirt.. he has to hide his man boobs...obviously 🤨

    Jenny MichelleJenny MichelleIl y a 3 mois
  • Why does he pick his nose bloody

    Dannielle ObenchainDannielle ObenchainIl y a 4 mois
  • what is the Name/Brand of VPN (company) You mentioned using in one of Your episodes I believe in Iceland?

    L FL FIl y a 7 mois
  • Bec is definitely right about the license plate cover. They are actually illegal in many parts of the States!

    HeatherosaurusHeatherosaurusIl y a 8 mois
  • 3:52 geez theyre nosy af .i didn't know they asked that many questions

    Brianna CriselBrianna CriselIl y a an
  • 🏆Yes Bob IS employee of the month... The year and cool 😎 chilled dad!

    Susan MathisSusan MathisIl y a an
  • Probably click bate ..

    elmclovin1elmclovin1Il y a an
  • Just curious as to why you used the same workout clip from your other video in the “A day in the life New York City” vlog.. stop at 8:15 in this vid & 3:43 in the NYC video.. jw

    Lauren LouiseLauren LouiseIl y a an
  • Maybe late with the suggest, but you have to take a hot air balloon ride (Arizona). Film it! AMAZING!!!

    Crystal DCrystal DIl y a an
  • dude lic covers are lame loose it

    Timebandit RvTravelsTimebandit RvTravelsIl y a an
  • Been watching this channel for a month, still dont know who is who.

    Cooper WatkinsCooper WatkinsIl y a an
  • like ur chemistry

    inea proinea proIl y a an
  • Ialgonac is about 30 minutes from my home.As you can see i got a bit behind on videos but i am bingeing and catching up! It’s great to be back.

    Sharon Cullen ArtSharon Cullen ArtIl y a an
    • It’s great to have you back!! Enjoy the binge ❤️😉

      Eamon & BecEamon & BecIl y a an
  • What is it her business what you guys do for a living? These cops love to feel like they have more power than they really do

    Cat KayCat KayIl y a an
  • Love the eating habits :) and i wil try soe of the food even though i'm not vegan :) And that says a lot to me .....

    Ruud van HooijdonkRuud van HooijdonkIl y a an
  • Tell me about this tea company

    Bricks of HappinessBricks of HappinessIl y a an
  • Who keeps there shirt on and not there pants lmfaooo 😂😂😂

    Yellow FlowerYellow FlowerIl y a an
  • Eamon whinnie-the-pooh-n-it.

    Jeff KinseyJeff KinseyIl y a an
  • So happy you spent time with Max&Lee&Occy inCanada!!! Safe travels to you all👍🏼💜🙏🏼🚐🚎

    Woopwoop2 F.RodriguezWoopwoop2 F.RodriguezIl y a an
  • i feel off the vids for a bit but it's only because you guys have inspired and motivated me to do so much. 2019 will be alll about creation and beginning a life on the road out of a vehicle for me! I owe a ton of my creative ideas to you guys! Cheers! And too many more wonder-filled life moments to come! I'll watching ya Friends!

    Evan ReyEvan ReyIl y a an
  • Just your shirt 😂

    Earth's Little SecretsEarth's Little SecretsIl y a an
  • Chicago loves you! 😘

    Cassandra CCassandra CIl y a an
  • Love this episode conversation topics!! ✌🏿grateful for you!!

    bre willybre willyIl y a an
  • come to tucson im.from tucson sooo pretty food omg the best try mi.nidito Mexican restaurant soo good they hv vegetarian food too ,wild life museum really nice and international wild life

    marie gutierrezmarie gutierrezIl y a an
  • Sounds like you might have Misophonia, Bec. It's where you have an emotional reaction to certain noises, like eating. I have it and mouth smacking drives me crazy

    SirenCyclesSirenCyclesIl y a an
  • “Don’t pick your nose.” “Your chewing is gross.” Damn

    Chelsee DarlaChelsee DarlaIl y a an
  • Will any of this be on the test?

    Wilber PeebodyWilber PeebodyIl y a an
  • @ 8:40, just pick the scabs on your nose. no one is watching. Oh, that man bun has to go. what address can I send a razor to?

    Triple NickleTriple NickleIl y a an
  • The drive from Flagstaff to Sedona on 89A is great.

    Kathi FoyKathi FoyIl y a an
    • Thanks Kathi! We’ve heard this a few times and are excited to check it out!

      Eamon & BecEamon & BecIl y a an
  • I’m glad you two are safely on the road.

    Kathi FoyKathi FoyIl y a an
  • You guys do not have to refrigerate pickles. They are preserved with the brine they are in and will not go bad. Same with catsup, mustard, sauerkraut, etc.

    StarFlower99654StarFlower99654Il y a an
  • Your alarm is the same sound my earthquake app makes when we have a 3.0 or higher. I freaked for a second there....(Alaska is my home and yes that EQ was horrible). On a diff note, I bet you guys are thrilled to leave the winter behind and get heat and sunshine. That is sure what I am craving about now!!!!!! Thanks for taking us with you.

    StarFlower99654StarFlower99654Il y a an
  • The Yucatán Peninsula is great...other than Cancun the state of Quintana Roo is great. We will be in Playa del Carmen in 10th trip to Playa.

    ShivorsShivorsIl y a an
  • ok so the pickle brand is Bick's, I mistakenly misread😂

    westredgwestredgIl y a an
  • I'm sure someone else mentioned this but Bec is 100% right, the license plat protecter makes it near impossible to see. Definitely a pro tip there.

    Simplify with ShelbySimplify with ShelbyIl y a an
  • Recommendations, 1..please don't pick your 👃 on 📷 LOL 2.. definitely don't put beans up your 👃 it might just get stuck and Becs will definitely not get it out 3...can't think of another one 🤣

    Alexandra StevensAlexandra StevensIl y a an

    larry majorslarry majorsIl y a an
  • I vent a window right behind my stove in my class B and put a shower cap over the smoke detector. I bought a black cap but it's still pretty prominent so it's easy to remember to remove right after cooking. No alarms yet.

    Rrowdy RogersRrowdy RogersIl y a an
  • What happened to visiting Colorado on your journey ? It's a very spectacular place any time of the year !!!

    Joe ChavezJoe ChavezIl y a an
  • If you make it to Todos Santos hit me up at I have a place you can park and shower take care Ray

    Ray PetersRay PetersIl y a an
  • Horseshoe Bend is amazing, the south rim of the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff is very cute and quirky, Tucson is absolutely amazing and there is a yummy vegan burger place (Beaut Burger) in the Mercado San Augustin! Tucson also has some really great hikes back into canyons if you get a chance to go (Romero Pools - About 3 Miles round trip and you can camp at Catalina State Park. There is a Planet Fitness down the road from here 😉 Seven Falls in Sabino Canyon- About 7 miles round trip and TOTALLY worth the hike right now! Eat your lunch at the falls and watch the desert scenery! Pima Canyon - An easy, choose your length hike!) Tumerico Restaurant in San Hughes is also veg/vegan and very good!! 4th Avenue is quirky and fun to peruse and downtown has started to pick up steam! Good Coffee Shops: Presta, Cafe Luce, Ren Coffeehouse, Savaya Watching the sunset at Star Pass is always relaxing and fun with a picnic dinner. Some really good yoga studios: 4th ave ($5), Sessions Yoga ($7ish), Oasis (not sure) The freeway runs through the west side of Tucson, so you’ll have to use surface streets if you decide to go. But it’s worth it to see the personality and charm! Can you tell I love it? It’s because it’s my home town! Let me know if you need any other recommendations or a tour guide if you decide to go!!

    Payton WellsPayton WellsIl y a an
    • Omg and Tohonochul and the Tucson Botanical Gardens are my absolute favorite places to go. If you had to pick one I would say Tohonochul!

      Payton WellsPayton WellsIl y a an
  • Going to Mexico with The Nomadic Movement, Trent and Allie, Max and Lee, The Matneys, and Wandxr Bus is my guess!? Forget the business and bring BOB! too. 😀

    Mike HisirMike HisirIl y a an
  • Lol I got the same tooth brush

    Pooh KayaPooh KayaIl y a an
  • When your coming back go to Michigan

    Penny HPenny HIl y a an
  • go to the desert sonora museum in Tuscon. it's the best!!! very fun and informational.

    Sarah Chase-WalshSarah Chase-WalshIl y a an
  • rtr still going on?

    Jack PetreeJack PetreeIl y a an
  • For me, it’s the butt sweat from driving that really makes me feel nasty. It doesn’t matter the temp, obviously it’s not as bad after summer, but I always get that swamp ass feeling XDDD

    Charlene StrawCharlene StrawIl y a an
  • Why would you go to Mexico? My family is from Michoacán and not even we would go. The Cartels own and operate every inch of Mexico. Even the tourist attractions are all influenced by Mexican Drug Cartels in some way or another. Where my family is from, you can’t even eat at a restaurant without seeing a bunch of pick ups full of men armed with AKs. I wouldn’t push my luck down there. Mexico is a land of wolves right now.

    ImmortalkalashnikovImmortalkalashnikovIl y a an
  • 🚨I’m worried about you guys and the gas shortage! 🚨

    Alyse KitchenAlyse KitchenIl y a an
  • Just found you guys, you seem real, i like that!

    Emily HeyboerEmily HeyboerIl y a an
  • Hike ‘the wave’! It’s an off the beaten path hike and the end is unreal. It’s in Northern AZ not toooo far away from Horseshoe Bend. OH, and also check out a slot canyon! There is one right near Horseshoe Bend. They are stunning, and will get you amazing video footage and IG pics

    Evie LawsonEvie LawsonIl y a an

    McCarley K.McCarley K.Il y a an
  • Eamon Winnie the pooh’in up

    Raeann SandersRaeann SandersIl y a an
  • You have to check out Bisbee Arizona! I Loved it there. Enjoy your road trip✌

    Rhonda Whittall/ BurmeisterRhonda Whittall/ BurmeisterIl y a an
  • Sweeeeet mexico

    Linda TijsmaLinda TijsmaIl y a an
  • this was such a great video, i laughed the whole time

    Lillie MyselLillie MyselIl y a an
  • a lot of people don't know that Arizona has a very diverse landscape. their forests are more than just the city of flagstaff. Make sure you check out the navajo nation in the east as well. When you're in Phoenix, check out the south mountain trails!!

    Elysa GaonaElysa GaonaIl y a an
  • What is the zip code thing?!

    Gina MontyGina MontyIl y a an
  • So you really were serious! We are here, and know a little about the region, so let’s talk more. How fun! Nos vemos...

    Dennis MoroneyDennis MoroneyIl y a an
  • Hi guys. Have a question for you....hope you get this. I noticed you had a bag of plant protein in your Instagram story. Can you tell me brand and retailer please?

    tina howarthtina howarthIl y a an
    • Oh ya..i forgot to mention the plant protein is in a bag as opposed to the plastic tub they usually come in.

      tina howarthtina howarthIl y a an

    Cierra BrownCierra BrownIl y a an
  • I have long been curious as to how "private" the showers actually are in gyms like planet fitness. It doesn't seem like they are very private at all but that would be a great topic you could cover while you are on the road. The reality of showering in a gym while travelling.

    Al BarkleyAl BarkleyIl y a an
  • Woohoo you guys are Mexico bound again!!! Safe travel my friends. ❤️

    Elizabeth VElizabeth VIl y a an
  • You should visit Southern Utah on the way! SO many beautiful sights. Kanab Utah is super vegan friendly and a short drive to Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, and amazing hikes.

    Alyssa GurrAlyssa GurrIl y a an
  • If it's on your way, you should go to Antelope Canyon. We lived in the states for a few years and did some national parks. Would have loved to do this one, but just didn't get the time. - fellow Canadian

    Rose RousseauRose RousseauIl y a an
  • Please go to the Hare Krishna Temple and Govindas in Tuscon and share lots of video of that! XO

    Jenn CattaneoJenn CattaneoIl y a an
  • Page, Arizona. *Horseshoe Bend *Antelope Canyons *Lake Powell *Glen Canyon Dam *Waterhole Canyon Flagstaff, Arizona *Sunset Crater #ArizonaLove #Arizonalivin #AzGal #ArizonaSunsets

    Nonabah NezNonabah NezIl y a an
  • Soy is a xenoestrogen that causes breast growth, so maybe cut down on the soy milk eamon.

    Abby BlumAbby BlumIl y a an
  • Why would people dislike this video? It has everything; Bob, Food with Bec, and Eamon's (clearly) recently cut hair!

    ConsuelaConsuelaIl y a an
  • Prescott is beautiful also! There is Lott’s of history like old banks that are now shops and an adorable mall. Lots of history and antique stores. If you just want somewhere to walk around that’s definitely a place to go.

    Juliesa StrassnerJuliesa StrassnerIl y a an
  • Are you going to he able to make it to the meet up in San Diego on the 26th? Fiesta Island park :)

    Jolyne ThibodeauJolyne ThibodeauIl y a an
  • I’m with you bec. I hate the sound of people chewing

    Kelsey RogersKelsey RogersIl y a an
  • We are a couple old farts from San Diego who are converting a van as we speak. We go to Baja all the flipping time and would love to have you park here before you cross the border (you're welcome to use our shower in our suite in the back of our property!). There are some real "don't do's" on going to Baja these days with the border drama that's going on and we'd love to share some good intel with you. @tinyWattsSolar can vouch for us (they installed our solar/electrical system last month while staying with us!

    Sylvia LangeSylvia LangeIl y a an
  • Algonac!! thats where my cottage is on Russell island! 45 mins from my city, so cool to see you drive through my state and recognize the area!

    Leena JeanLeena JeanIl y a an
  • Flagstaff, Sedona, Prescott, and if you get the chance check out Surprise seems to be the vacation capital for most canadians. Safe Travels! Guessing your meeting up with the Nomadic Movement?

    Edward MusaEdward MusaIl y a an
  • Those nose herpes though.

    KaleKaleIl y a an
  • The man bun went out in 2015 bro!

    BretzkyBretzkyIl y a an
  • Try a small USB powered fan pointing at the smoke detector. I point a 12 " fan blowing straight up below our detector in the hall way to stop the alarm from continuing. Have lot of fun heading south!

    JonKPestJonKPestIl y a an
  • Stop by at San Diego!

    Juan GutierrezJuan GutierrezIl y a an
  • Havasu Falls in AZ!!

    FlutterByFlutterByIl y a an
  • great video! :)

    Leah ElizzabethLeah ElizzabethIl y a an
  • Hey not sure if you have seen or heard about major gas shortage in Mexico. FYI Safe travels.

    Monus BrewerMonus BrewerIl y a an
  • YES!! are you doing a meet up in AZ? You should hit up Sedona, Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon, Superstition Mountains. Vegan food- Tocaya Mexicana, Green Vegetarian, and Nami!!!!

    Han’s Van VenturesHan’s Van VenturesIl y a an
  • When are you guys going to be in Arizona? I'm flying out of Toronto the 13th and spending a week at a buddy's trailer in Quartzite Az. in the desert.

    Bill PembertonBill PembertonIl y a an
  • My brother is in baja right now for the next month or so. Look out for the Japanese Canadian surfing 🏄

    Ichiko NagaiIchiko NagaiIl y a an
  • Definitely definitely visit Sedona,AZ. Prettiest views of red rocks and awesome hikes. Overall hiking is the thing to do is AZ, lots of mountains and nature!

    LiveLaughLollipop01LiveLaughLollipop01Il y a an
  • I seen enough movies to know that the vibe in a women's locker room is a ton of fun.

    Van InhalinVan InhalinIl y a an
  • Sedona

    Pat ChandlerPat ChandlerIl y a an
  • Very good suggestions about places to explore in Arizona but I think you can't go wrong checking out the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (RTR) in Quartsite. You'll get a great idea of the van/RV/Scoolie, etc scene and meet some amazing people, including literally hundreds of van life FRworldrs, Might be interesting to listen to the audiobook Normadland on your way to the RTR. Give you some background on the event and different aspects of the nomad life.

    Jonathan SarnoJonathan SarnoIl y a an
  • wish i could go with you guys, safe travels :)

    Tiny House LifeTiny House LifeIl y a an
  • You guys should go to the RTR😎

    Connie`s PlaceConnie`s PlaceIl y a an
  • Happy to see road trip vlogs again😊

    NannersLifeNannersLifeIl y a an
  • Man bun 😐😀

    RickRickIl y a an
  • Hi everyone, anybody interested in giving a shot to a new channel. Full disclosure my only similarity is that I'm Canadian and in a van. Would love to have ya.

    🌹SUPERnofriendo👀🌹SUPERnofriendo👀Il y a an
  • Sedona Arizona has some pretty awesome sites and some amazing Hot Springs you could check out.

    Sarah CrosbySarah CrosbyIl y a an
  • Omg you guys have to come down to Sedona your gonna love it :)

    Vanessa PalaciosVanessa PalaciosIl y a an
  • I'll be honest, that's my alarm sound in the morning and I f***ing hate it.

    FjooraFjooraIl y a an
  • Marble Canyon

    MisssMary3MisssMary3Il y a an