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VAN LIFE VLOG our first van life mistake in mexico// baja bound ep.11
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Today's vlog begins at a beautiful free camp spot in Baja Mexico with some new vanlifer friends. While hanging out with them we realize that we’ve made our first HUGE mistake of overlanding in Mexico and need to retrace our steps (in turn adding on a 7 hour detour to our plans). We hope you learn from our misstep and do your research when planning on driving your converted van around Mexico Baja Peninsula and Mainland.
We have loved living in a van (self converted sprinter van) for the last year and a half and while we enjoy spending time in Canada it can get a little cold throughout the winter. So, we've decided to hit the road and drive across the continent to enjoy some warmer weather in Baja Mexico. If our last trip to this country taught us anything... it's to expect the unexpected!!

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  • Sharing our silly mistake with you today in the hopes that you won't make it yourself! What are you looking forward to most about our Baja Bound series?! Comment an emoji below 🐠🦈🐳🌽🌮🏖️🏝️🌟🖥️🔥🏓

    Eamon & BecEamon & BecIl y a an
    • You guys are amazing. I love you both !! 😘

      Gul ErGul ErIl y a 8 mois
    • 💪🖕🖕🖕🖕💪💪💪💪💪🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

      Michael GarveyMichael GarveyIl y a an
    • 🌮🌮🌮🏄🏻‍♂️🏄🏻‍♀️

      Rex KRex KIl y a an
    • Meet up with Nomadic & Trent & Allie. Would be new dimension. FUN!!

      Amy CarrasquilloAmy CarrasquilloIl y a an
    • Donald Trump's is trying to build Wall

      Glen JRGlen JRIl y a an
  • That desert scene in the end..looks like my back yard! I live in the Arizona desert! We have every biome here BUT the ocean! ❤️

    No NameNo NameIl y a 23 jours
  • So where did you research the “gas gaps”?

    Weekend WarriorWeekend WarriorIl y a mois

    antonis kyriakouantonis kyriakouIl y a mois
  • Hope you guys have learned this time the second time around. No more not stopping at borders for visa and registrations.

    TJ AndersonTJ AndersonIl y a 2 mois
  • they need a juicer!

    WoodnoteWoodnoteIl y a 2 mois
  • Why don't you ever do your research. Can save yourself so much time, money and STRESS. Makes me sad for u to stress unnecessarily

    Taryn LTaryn LIl y a 3 mois
  • Like and sub because there vids are amazing I mean I rewach them every day

    Michelle MatotMichelle MatotIl y a 3 mois
  • remember the double rainbow guy

    eggs benedicteggs benedictIl y a 3 mois
  • Anyone know the name of the song that played at about 15:10

    DWATTO 15DWATTO 15Il y a 4 mois
  • Enjoying your videos from Mexico 🇲🇽!

    Karma The GiantKarma The GiantIl y a 4 mois
  • Hey guys! short question - do you have any connections/tips for people who are vanlife'ing in Mexico (main land)? I live in Tulum now and would love to drive around the country but as I'm a solo female traveler, I would like to get more informed about states to avoid safety-wise etc. first! Thanks! :)

    Cat GlogowskiCat GlogowskiIl y a 4 mois
  • You never show your coming anymore they can't all be in your book and what happened to freestyle Friday

    Dannielle ObenchainDannielle ObenchainIl y a 4 mois
  • I love to see you in Ensenada and Baja, I am from there!! I know it is an old video but anyways!

    Ana Carolina Felix LoaizaAna Carolina Felix LoaizaIl y a 4 mois
  • I love your videos! I hope to cross paths one day through the states. Stay well!

    Marmalade AlmondMarmalade AlmondIl y a 5 mois
  • planing a trip to MX Thank God I saw your video first ! Thank you

    Tanya CarmenTanya CarmenIl y a 6 mois
  • WC= water closet

    Nina GarzaNina GarzaIl y a 6 mois
  • Love seeing successful Canadians ♡

    Trinity CarriereTrinity CarriereIl y a 7 mois
  • I see the inhale, exhale sign it better be what i hope it is 😏😏

    Beauty DivaBeauty DivaIl y a 8 mois
  • Cactus. Cacti.

    Horse SenseHorse SenseIl y a 8 mois
  • OMG! I remembered that last year, my family and I drove all the way from Tijuana to Los Cabos and it was great! Also it is so beautiful to actually know all these places that they visited:) I freaking love how they call us "amiguis", that is a word that we actually use here in Mexico

    Lesly Pérez-CorcettiLesly Pérez-CorcettiIl y a 8 mois
  • The other guy Is definitely stoned af lol😂😂😂

  • Hi Bec, if you pay attention rainbows always come in pair, but you often just don’t see the second one (reflect of the first one)... Take care guys

    jacquesolivier65jacquesolivier65Il y a 11 mois
  • Mierda=shit miel=honey

    Liza MeLiza MeIl y a an
  • omg same whenever i see a rainbow i feel it symbolizes my granddad and i always think of him if i see one...x

    tallulah theobaldstallulah theobaldsIl y a an
  • You should have at least a 5 gallon emergency gas can

    tubagoo domtubagoo domIl y a an
  • I completely and utterly loved this one!

    Brenda RomeroBrenda RomeroIl y a an
  • Does anyone else try to find their van when they use the drone?

    Wendy LimonWendy LimonIl y a an
  • Love u guys. I’m always on a journey with u. Btw, that song is called “you are dangerous” by park lane. It’s on soundcloud..

    SleepWalker 033SleepWalker 033Il y a an
  • Live and learn. ❤️ing the journey!!

    Janae AckenhausenJanae AckenhausenIl y a an
  • I can feel Becs positive energy through this little screen, it’s incredible. I’m so strong about these feelings. You both are super positive and great people!! 💖💖

    jackie shakurjackie shakurIl y a an
  • Fun video

    Maria EspinosaMaria EspinosaIl y a an
  • hahahah love your videos!! love the way she said despacito and Bec you just started dancing haha.

    Andrea BlancoAndrea BlancoIl y a an
  • What the song at 4.25?i really like it

    R. N. HolmesR. N. HolmesIl y a an
  • Just catching up on what you've been up to recently. So excited to see the whales and surfing ;)

    Christin HerrmannChristin HerrmannIl y a an
  • 8:41 How does it feel to be a "FRworld Celebrity"???

    birdwing98birdwing98Il y a an
  • Once again, the obstacles start...I'm remembering the last time you entered, drove a million miles, then had to drive back. I'm sure it won't be as bad, this time.

    I say shotgun, you say weddingI say shotgun, you say weddingIl y a an
  • This is exactly why I use google translate! haha great video's guys you both have awesome attitudes about life I am looking for a van to convert currently and you both inspired me!

    Craig's Advice On LifeCraig's Advice On LifeIl y a an
  • OMG that was hands down the most awesome rainbow I have ever seen in my life and I'm sure the video did not do it justice. Nice capture guys!

    Rocky AlvarezRocky AlvarezIl y a an
  • Hello I’m in the process of buying power for my van and I would like to know what and how many solar panels are you using?I really want to be able to power up my Vitamix as well!!! Please anyone if you know the answer thanks 🙏 Oh and Bec what are your fav skin care products for on the road? Your skin 🥰thanks!😝

    Caress DeVineCaress DeVineIl y a an
  • Bec says popcorn AGAIN.... thank god I am still eating popcorn from last video! 🥰 My new popcorn buddies! ❤️

    acandy7acandy7Il y a an
  • 6:10, They should speak English.

    ShWeJaPaShWeJaPaIl y a an
  • Hello? Do I speak English?

    PG FarberPG FarberIl y a an
  • Great video. What the song at 14:32?? Love it.

    StarFlower99654StarFlower99654Il y a an
  • Fools playing with fire

    YoudateYoudateIl y a an
  • Question how do you afford to travel the world? Have any advice for me

    Jennifer DotsonJennifer DotsonIl y a an
  • 4:15 what is that Song called?? Sounds so good!

    Caffes and LattesCaffes and LattesIl y a an
    • @R. N. Holmes oh thank you thankyou thank you

      Caffes and LattesCaffes and LattesIl y a an
    • @Caffes and Lattes i found it its called you are dangerous by park line its good i love it hopes that helps

      R. N. HolmesR. N. HolmesIl y a an
    • @R. N. Holmes same!

      Caffes and LattesCaffes and LattesIl y a an
    • That's what I want to know I tried looking up the lyrics no dice

      R. N. HolmesR. N. HolmesIl y a an
  • hola

    Jose CamachoJose CamachoIl y a an
  • I had to laugh when you guys saw the rainbow cause I react the exact same way when I see a rainbow.

    Ingrid JanssonIngrid JanssonIl y a an
  • how do you guys do the drone shots?

    Ruby HarrisRuby HarrisIl y a an
  • Rainbows always come in pairs & are opposites of each other....

    Karl Silva, JrKarl Silva, JrIl y a an
  • Baja is on my list of places to go! Live and learn...hehe KOKO... Acronym = Keep On Keeping On..✌

    Jayme JamiesonJayme JamiesonIl y a an
  • WC can be rated no higher than #2 silly!

    RV BoondockerRV BoondockerIl y a an
  • Check out this 13 episode Spanish show frworld.info/net/vid-o/qZaZcJKPuHWljnw funny and really helpful to lean most important words :)

    Ali TarbhaiAli TarbhaiIl y a an
  • Just a quick tip as an American living in Ecuador: the more Spanish you learn, the better your experience in Spanish-speaking places will be! It's amazing to learn as you go along, but it can also be extremely helpful to do research and studying into better pronunciation and common vocabulary. While of course you cannot be expected to become fluent from one trip, my experience has been that I am best able to connect with the culture when I am able to understand the language. Not to say I am fluent either, but after six months of living here I am finally able to have relationships with locals fully in Spanish- which has been one of the absolute highlights of my time! :) If I could recommend ONE thing to improve your Spanish, I would say work on the pronunciation of "r" - it's very different and integral to the language!

    Maria BossertMaria BossertIl y a an
  • You guys are the coolest couple , I love it. So perfect , doing awesome things

    jazmine galvanjazmine galvanIl y a an

    Rman NayrRman NayrIl y a an
  • I didnt want the video to end! Make mistakes more often! :)

    Rixanne HRixanne HIl y a an
  • Those Cacti would sell for THOUSANDS!!!

    Dominic RuddDominic RuddIl y a an
  • I’ve never in my life seen the start and end to a rainbow. I have now.

    Danielle PylesDanielle PylesIl y a an
  • Even though you feel like you made a mistake, your video was incredibly helpful to others. Thank you! ❤️

    Tina BlackTina BlackIl y a an
  • You are out of your mind why would you go to Mexico for anything. Yeah support Mexico not your own country makes sense to me.

    James SetzerJames SetzerIl y a an
  • Y'all try too hard!

    intown girlintown girlIl y a an
  • If I had a channel I would ask if I could borrow people's phones and open their FRworld and subscribe to my channel!

    Amber FrazierAmber FrazierIl y a an
  • I believe the word is Cacti....No such thing as cactuses....But you are cute as a boot..so it technically does not count....

    Hilda KrachtHilda KrachtIl y a an
  • Wow...none of you can speak el castellano?

    Blue SkyBlue SkyIl y a an
  • I’m new to your channel and I’m binging

    Jonae KyOsheeJonae KyOsheeIl y a an
  • Hi I know this will probably get lost in the comments but im from Tijuana so if you ever need ever need anything or need someone to translate something feel free to DM insta: ale_canez_99 or if you need any tips or anything while in Baja it’s really amazing down

    Alexa CanezAlexa CanezIl y a an
  • Hi bec there is no such thing as a bad day. Enjoy everyday with a smile 😃

    Lex OlejnikLex OlejnikIl y a an
  • I'm half way through the video and I just had to comment. You guys are so nice and friendly. I love how you made a new friend and brought him popcorn. so sweet! Any chance you will ever come to Ottawa? I would love to meet you guys. ok enjoy Mexico!

    Chana KrevskyChana KrevskyIl y a an
  • Hey! Check out my Mexico Vlog on my channel! 🔥

    Shantel NicoleShantel NicoleIl y a an
  • You people are so fucking fake and phony why would anybody watch your bullshit

    Boom Boom MarcosBoom Boom MarcosIl y a an
    • Sorry you’re having such a rotten day Scott. Hope things turn around for ya!

      Eamon & BecEamon & BecIl y a an
  • WC actually means water closet

    Deryn MainDeryn MainIl y a an
  • Bec you look like Rachel Boston

    Allie BurkAllie BurkIl y a an
  • dang it im 3-4 days late ......

    Vathanak Nop12Vathanak Nop12Il y a an
  • Wow guys! Beautiful vlog. I got goosebumps from the view of that rainbow from your drone.

    GoWeeGoWeeIl y a an
  • Your story with the rainbow is the same with mee

    Paige and KenziePaige and KenzieIl y a an
  • Hope you guys got travel insurance this year!

    DoctorWhoGeekDoctorWhoGeekIl y a an
  • Hi I was wondering where those tan booties that bec is always wearing in colder weather are from?? Thanks so much

    Agape AmanuelAgape AmanuelIl y a an
  • Just got my Dual Citizenship. Hopefully I won’t have to go through that much work to travel in the future. :)

    Dulce VazquezDulce VazquezIl y a an
  • Hey love guys

    Isah NsubugaIsah NsubugaIl y a an
  • Is that not the same card you needed the last time you went to Mexico?

    ColinColinIl y a an
    • @Eamon & Bec Well it's all about the journey I guess 😉

      ColinColinIl y a an
    • Yes it is!! But we were advised that those visiting Baja Peninsula don’t need any of these permits and if you want to cross to mainland you can get all permits at the ferry... it’s not not true we just decided not to take the risk after speaking to a few travelers who told us second hand stories of some people having trouble at the ferry

      Eamon & BecEamon & BecIl y a an
  • Sorry about the trouble but glad everything was okay. The road crew friend was cool wanting the selfie. lol. You guys should do a live chat soon. Also, what droid do you use to film your beautiful aerial views?

    Rex KRex KIl y a an
  • Good morning young ones. Just watched a freestyle Friday Buddha bowl. (July 20) Loved the yummy mix and LOVED the Eamonizoms...and beautiful Bec's giggles. Laughing out loud in my snowy old farmhouse in Massachusetts. Bless you both. Thank you. sa

    karen Overshinerkaren OvershinerIl y a an
  • Hi Eamon and Bec! I love and appreciate your guys’s videos! I’d love to see a video on how van life has affected your taxes or if it’s affected them at all? Please let me know! Thank you guys, you are inspiring :)

    Madison LarsonMadison LarsonIl y a an
  • Cactus cacti, loved the video always great quality, best wishes x

    Blu Pam MarshallBlu Pam MarshallIl y a an
  • Sorry but I only clicked so I could tell you I don't care.👉👌

    Gaming2muchGaming2muchIl y a an
  • Have you seen this? Randomly saw you pic featured on blogTO facebook.com/30843680008/posts/10155976028195009/

    Nathan ChantalNathan ChantalIl y a an
  • Life is certainly an adventure mistakes and all. Enjoying your videos, really good filming and scene changes :)

    tripletgirl2tripletgirl2Il y a an
  • You're so dang cute

    Diana BoedeckerDiana BoedeckerIl y a an
  • Ok... i just cracked laughing... you said to a mexican militar "mi español ..." what????! Hahahaha I'm mexican and i would never had the guts to say that to an officer! That's so freaking funny!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

    Nelly ONelly OIl y a an
  • 1:30 "Excuse me, my spanish is dog 💩 (shit)" 😂 as someone who speaks portuguese, spanish is really easy!

    martim sousamartim sousaIl y a an
  • You know what you guys. I don' think you must have wales, surfing, snorkeling and what so ever to create "great videos". This video was magical! Lately you´ve been killing it with being real and just creating awesome and beautiful videos. And the footage with the drone. WOW. I got tears when you described rainbows. "So for me this is just a magical moment" and theen boom the drone! It just show that the more you practise, the better you get at it. You guys are GREAT filmcreators! Lots of love and keep up the good job!

    Coaching by MarieCoaching by MarieIl y a an
  • It's Cacti.

    Krystal LeilaniKrystal LeilaniIl y a an
  • What are some good spots in mexico were u can park 24 7 or able to park

    Trevino CorinaTrevino CorinaIl y a an
  • I just have to say how impressed I am with how far your filmmaking skills have come from a year ago! Very inspiring! 💕

    Katy IrwinKaty IrwinIl y a an
  • Arh love the guy with the popcorn... cute 😁👍🌈🌈🌈🌈

    D S&SD S&SIl y a an
  • Bring back freestyle Fridays!!!!

    MaeganMaeganIl y a an
  • WC stands for Water Closet

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  • Amazing vlog you guys I cant wait till I can do the same thing you guys are doing ! Safe travels ❤️

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