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28 avril 2019
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VAN LIFE VLOG | A Day in the Life of Vanlifers in Mexico // Baja Bound Ep. 26
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IF YOU’RE NOT FROM MEXICO, there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Huasteca. Americans tend to stick with the tried and true vacation spots they’ve heard of such as Cancun and Cabo when traveling to Mexico. More intrepid travelers might visit Oaxaca, Mexico City and San Miguel Allende. However, one of the most beautiful spots in the entire country is only a two-and-a-half hour drive from Tampico or a 12-hour drive from Houston. This secret oasis remains almost unknown to American tourism. It is called Huasteca, San Luis Potosí.
Today we continue to explore the area and bring you along for a REAL day of van life in Mexico with us! Best part?! We find our favourite spot in all of MEXICO!! After spending nearly 5 months traveling in our self converted sprinter van here it has been amazing to enjoy the diversity of the country. And while we love the beach the Cascadas De Tamul stole our hearts!
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We have loved living in a van (self converted sprinter van) for the last year and a half and while we enjoy spending time in Canada it can get a little cold throughout the winter. So, we've decided to hit the road and drive across the continent to enjoy some warmer weather in Baja Mexico. If our last trip to this country taught us anything... it's to expect the unexpected!!
The Traveling Van Life in Mexico; hot, sticky, but oh so much fun!
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Our goal here is to inspire you to chase after your own dreams however big (or small... tiny homes anyone?) they may be! We hope to create a community of like-minded, positive individuals who will grow to love and support one another on their own journeys.
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  • Happy Sunday everybody! Wishing you a restful day before a great week ahead. If you enjoyed spending your day with us please give the video a thumbs up and let us know your thoughts in the comments below 👍😘

    Eamon & BecEamon & BecIl y a an
    • Inwas wondering if you could maybe do a video on how you guys stay safe being on the road, like avoiding areas that are dangerous, or what roads to take in certain areas?

      manvspeoplemanvspeopleIl y a an
    • always enjoy! im sure some of the places you guys go to i will never go or see. thankful! hugs

      Tiny House LifeTiny House LifeIl y a an
    • WayWorthit...

      Mr. JMr. JIl y a an
    • Maria Katharine eee I know! We are very excited to hit another major milestone with this community ❤️✨

      Eamon & BecEamon & BecIl y a an
    • Stephen Zacharias haha I know eh?! He could be in the middle of applying deodorant and he’s still got to say Hola!

      Eamon & BecEamon & BecIl y a an
  • I can't tell you how much I enjoy your blog's IT makes my week .you are both very good at what you are doing and loving life at the same time.keep it up and thanks agen .xx lee from uk.😎

    Lee ClarksonLee ClarksonIl y a mois
  • That was nice!😁👌

    Millie RiveraMillie RiveraIl y a 2 mois
  • Just came across your videos!!!! You guys are truly one of the most cutest and kindest couples I've ever seen!! Love your content!!!!💕

    Nicole ThompsonNicole ThompsonIl y a 2 mois
  • Omg guys I love watching you both but now I'm so invested in your journey with Rojo I'm just dreading when you have to leave him and I know im going to cry along with becs His head in the cooler is so sweet 😂

    Tara DeanTara DeanIl y a 3 mois
  • I couldn’t image letting a stranger watch my dog legit over my dead body what if they took him or in my case her

    Jo MJo MIl y a 3 mois
  • Heya guys where’s your hammock from or would you recommend a hammock for easy set up but durable? Only recently discovered you guys love seeing your adventures!

    Hannah ChrystieHannah ChrystieIl y a 5 mois
  • Dang...slow down on that crazy road!! Your little puper is probably carsick. Cheech. Hope that waterfall was worth it. Bye.

    Lorene KnightLorene KnightIl y a 5 mois
  • Contaminating the people's drinking water with your dog.

  • to see the 3 million golondrinas is at 7pm aprox. when they goes to sleep, i saw it with my eyes. i was a little disappointed cuz i didnt saw that much birds but suddenly start getting dark and booom.... hundreds of birds arrives like waves, it was impresive.

    Marco López PeñaMarco López PeñaIl y a 8 mois
  • "It wasn't as dramatic and exciting as it sounds, but, you can just close your eyes and imagine what a bunch of birds leaving a cave looks like" HAHA that was hilarious

    Jenna Lee LippensJenna Lee LippensIl y a 8 mois
  • What a cracking gaff

    kevla29kevla29Il y a 11 mois
  • It 9 and 3 race car drivers use that postion

    Future_IdiotFuture_IdiotIl y a an
  • What kind of stove do you guys have in the van?

    Joshua PennockJoshua PennockIl y a an
  • That waterfall was spectacular!

    Mopani & MickeyMopani & MickeyIl y a an
  • Wow just wow!

    Susan MathisSusan MathisIl y a an
  • why 20 pesos pesos is the curency here in philipines

    BossMark TVBossMark TVIl y a an
  • Rojo es muy bonito yo lo quiero

    Nadia OrtizNadia OrtizIl y a an
  • I didn't think i would ever be jealous of two people living in a car lol

    Sunnynos !Sunnynos !Il y a an
  • Do you guys save more money on van life???

    Its annieIts annieIl y a an
  • Thank you Eamon & Bec for taking me on your waterfall adventure and letting me check out these amazing places as well. Bro that drone footage and editing is amazing👍🏻👍🏻💀💀👊🏻💕💕💕🤯

    Rita MedinaRita MedinaIl y a an
  • so beautiful. bec where did you get your sportsbra?! it’s too cute not to say anything

    Abigail JaneAbigail JaneIl y a an
  • Seems so amazing where you guys swam!!💕💕💕

    Stephanie LakeStephanie LakeIl y a an
  • kinda crazy u left ur dog w a stranger lol. I would be soooo paranoid it wouldnt even be worth it to me.

    Rachel Marie WonderlandRachel Marie WonderlandIl y a an
  • ✌️❤️🙏 thank you both 👍

    MelIssa EileenMelIssa EileenIl y a an
  • I wouldn’t trust my dog with anyone but that’s just me

    《TAO 36》《TAO 36》Il y a an
  • Love you guys! What drone do you use??

    Alex TejedaAlex TejedaIl y a an
  • Thank you!! it was worth it to see that beautiful waterfall!!

    Micki McInnisMicki McInnisIl y a an
  • when do you guys wash your clothes and how

    Sarah FarnsworthSarah FarnsworthIl y a an
  • Rojo needs his own cooler, his breathing was awful there

    CrazyCatLadyCrazyCatLadyIl y a an
  • You guys are so much fun, and you really know how to edit a video to keep it moving and interesting. I love your music and wonder if you have to get permission from each and every artist you use. Great job!

    Peggy ScripterPeggy ScripterIl y a an
  • Wooooow thanks 4 show me , my beautiful country....

    jim velascojim velascoIl y a an

    Freddy LopezFreddy LopezIl y a an
  • Guys I have been enjoying your video's for so long now! I must say, they just keep getting better and better! Thank you for doing such fun content. Bec, you are glowing each and every vid. loving the adventures. Hugs Kat

    I Am Kat-Agnt99 -A S H- KBT.I Am Kat-Agnt99 -A S H- KBT.Il y a an
  • Rojito in the cooler... cutest thing ever!

    Dré DezDré DezIl y a an
  • Ohhh the b-rolls! Not that we wouldn’t have loved them, but I think you’re more upset that we were. 😂

    Alannah HawksAlannah HawksIl y a an
  • Eamon funny.

    Marie T GonzalezMarie T GonzalezIl y a an
  • 8:16 too cute!

    allisfaithallisfaithIl y a an
  • You’re livin’ the dream! :)

    allisfaithallisfaithIl y a an
  • aw, you guys I so look forward to your weekly videos. I really think Rojo has been a great addition to your family. I'm so proud of how you are raising him. You can tell from his behavior how loved he is.

    Josette SmartsJosette SmartsIl y a an
  • Amazing Video! Sorry your stuff got messed up in the van, but that Waterfall was Frickin BREATHTAKING 😁👍

    trina williamstrina williamsIl y a an
  • Unfortunately we missed your last live video. is it somewhere still online? Thanks

    5c100c5c100cIl y a an
  • Blessings to you two. Be safe and I look forward to your next vid. Seriously tho be safe, have fun and live well :)

    Michigan mud dogMichigan mud dogIl y a an
  • Agree with you guys it's just too crazy So Thanks so much for showing it to us

    ManumitManumitIl y a an
  • I know you all have found a forever home for Rojo. However, he loves you guys and it appears that you all have developed love for him as well. I also know that you all dont feel that your lifestyle works well for a dog... It's going to be really hard to let him go when the time comes.

    Chantell RichChantell RichIl y a an
  • I’m upset nobody really recognised the “Meow” reference. “Do I look like a cat to you...”

    Kristen VKristen VIl y a an
  • poor Eamon editing ahahah GREAT vlog you guys keep it so real! So much fun to watch!

    Cassandra GirardCassandra GirardIl y a an
  • F.... that

    Timebandit RvTravelsTimebandit RvTravelsIl y a an
  • Hello, I'm new here, I ended up stumbling on your FRworld channel and I found the maximum, I'm Brazilian and I do not speak any English and I confess that I use Google translator for communication, but I wish you good luck in the trips and many good images to be recorded 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼

    Raul DavidRaul DavidIl y a an
  • I am living vicariously through y’all! It would be my dream to do what y’all are doing! We have a family with some crazy health issues..... sooo we have to be close to a good hospital. But I get a little glimpse of living free and getting to see all the beauty the world has to offer thanks to you two! Thank you both for sharing your experience with all of us! Live free, have an open heart and enjoy every minute because life is too short.

    Keeping an Open mindKeeping an Open mindIl y a an
  • Amazing video, Amazing views, gorgeous waterfall, and the cutest Rojo. Unpatient for the next video. I will do some myself in the meantime

    Vegan OverlanderVegan OverlanderIl y a an
  • Beautiful waterfall, totally worth it! My goodness Rojo is such a cutie!!! Thanks for sharing another great video! Cheers, Tiina & Hank 😊🐶❣🇨🇦

    Country Pines CottageCountry Pines CottageIl y a an
  • That water was incredibly beautiful. So glad you roughed it out to bring us all a little glimpse of something special 🥰

    NikkiRocketQueen _NikkiRocketQueen _Il y a an
  • Loved this video!!! 😍

    Jordyn HarmsJordyn HarmsIl y a an
  • Free Style Friday’s???? What happened I miss them!

    Jordyn HarmsJordyn HarmsIl y a an
  • I'm getting wayyyyy too attached to Rojo ❤️😥

    Your MajestyYour MajestyIl y a an
    • Awe we know what you mean! He's a great little pup :)

      Eamon & BecEamon & BecIl y a an
  • Rojo will love it in Canada, cuz despite being a mexican he’s definitely not a heat loving pup😊

    Kat ZKat ZIl y a an
    • Hahah totally! But funny enough I don't think he's a cold weather pup either hahah I think he's a "just right" kind of guy! Very high maintenance lol.

      Eamon & BecEamon & BecIl y a an
  • Who needs a power shower, when you have a water fall like that 😃

    Stephen HughesStephen HughesIl y a an
    • Totally agree! That water fall was the BEST swimming we've ever done!

      Eamon & BecEamon & BecIl y a an
  • how cute is rojo in the cooler

    Among the StarsAmong the StarsIl y a an
  • OMG I absolutely love your video content, your just the best, great camera angles and super editing....... just get rid of the hairy flea bag and keep the dog

    Nev ReenNev ReenIl y a an
  • I could watch a million hours of Eamon & Bec! You two are the coolest #vanlifers!

    Brittany AdamsBrittany AdamsIl y a an
    • Awe thank you so much Brittany!!

      Eamon & BecEamon & BecIl y a an
  • Meow!!!!😁

    Lorah SmithLorah SmithIl y a an
  • MAS AGUA ROJO🐶 Eamon & Bec is Rojo getting enough water? Its easier to gage when water bowl is stationary and can be kept full.

    g2gcg2gcIl y a an
  • OMG! Rojo in the cooler bag with the puppy side-eyes 😍😍😍 sooooo cute & funny at the same time! 😂 kisses for that gorgeous boy 😘😘😘

    Wirihita McGarveyWirihita McGarveyIl y a an
    • I passed along the kisses to him from you and he LOVED them! Thank you Wirihita

      Eamon & BecEamon & BecIl y a an
  • I missed y’all

    Jonae KyOsheeJonae KyOsheeIl y a an
  • Oh come on Eamon!!! We need that B-Roll! LOL

    Peter ThamPeter ThamIl y a an
    • Regardless you guys are awesome! Please don’t stop posting! I love the VanLife community

      Peter ThamPeter ThamIl y a an
    • HAHAH we know, we know! Big mess up that WON'T happen again Peter!

      Eamon & BecEamon & BecIl y a an
  • Oh my goodness! Please don’t do anything just to show us! Your ‘boring’ footage is extra good to begin with. You could stay in a cabana for a week and I’d love to catch up with that version of your adventure ❤️

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  • 👍

    Laura MunsonLaura MunsonIl y a an
  • Damn that was some gorgeous water!

    thexxitthexxitIl y a an
  • Your little puppy is too cute!

    ThematicThematicIl y a an
  • Wow!!! Amazing!!!!

    Hugh the AxolotlHugh the AxolotlIl y a an
  • “Rojo get out of the cooler” “Okay you can stay”. “.......”

    Baddies club SpeedBuilds and moreBaddies club SpeedBuilds and moreIl y a an
  • are your tomatoes not smashed swinging around like that? LOL Edit....watched the rest of the video! 😂😂

    JenniferJenniferIl y a an
  • Drone footage was off the hook! I'm loving the waterfall too! #Deleted #Footage #EB

    Eddie BEddie BIl y a an
  • Reading all the comments, I think the votes are in and most of us think Rojito needs to be your forever child. Not to mention your views are climbing, now that Eamon and Rojito are competing for center stage.LOL

    Ralph WorthRalph WorthIl y a an
  • Wow !!! Amazing !!!! Thanks for sharing this with us

    ann cummingsann cummingsIl y a an
  • Do they not have A.C. in the van??

    DeadWasabiDeadWasabiIl y a an
  • Eamon and Bec, I so appreciate all the time you take to make such fantastic videos. The shots are breathtaking! Was the water warm Bec? It sure was beautiful!

    Sharon FSharon FIl y a an
  • Is yellow ice in Spanish?

    Stacy MooreStacy MooreIl y a an
    • Stacy Moore yes!! It’s spelt “hielo” but pronounced “yellow”

      Eamon & BecEamon & BecIl y a an
  • Soooooo beautiful !

    Hector SanchezHector SanchezIl y a an
  • Are you going to keep the dog?

    nj andersonnj andersonIl y a an
  • What kind of dog is Rojo? Hes so damn cute. You guys are cool too lol. 😁

    veronica hernandezveronica hernandezIl y a an
  • OMG.!!! Are you kiddin me right now.? I would have walked that road in my bare feet to see those Falls.!!! SO BEAUTIFUL.!!!

    Vulcaneer900Vulcaneer900Il y a an
    • Hahah totally agreed!! It was one of the greatest places we've ever visited!!

      Eamon & BecEamon & BecIl y a an
  • Hello. I have a question. When it comes to living on the road, and owning your own business, I’m curious as to how do you handle your taxes without having a permanent residence. How do you claim your taxes, while living a van life? I have been exploring the life of a digital nomad. I am on the verge of creating my own startup, but I want to travel. I admire the remote way of living. The thing that holds me back is, he seems my question, how can I live that nomadic lifestyle, but still claim taxes. How do you guys manage? Is there some special address you use come tax season? I would appreciate the info. Thanks in advance. Cheers 🤙🏾🌱

    My Vegan Gym MapMy Vegan Gym MapIl y a an
    • Yes. Thank you! Another question is, with your business being registered in Toronto, Canada, wouldn’t you need a permanent address to register your business under? You live a van life, so you’re always mobile. But your business needs a home or base address. So, how did you workout getting an address for your business, minus having a permanent residence? Thanks in advance :)

      My Vegan Gym MapMy Vegan Gym MapIl y a an
    • Hi! How exciting that you'd like to pursue a nomadic life! We file our taxes in Toronto, Canada as this is where our business is registered. Nothing fancy to it ;)

      Eamon & BecEamon & BecIl y a an
  • Gr8 vid ...awesome waterfall! Thanks!

    iTaeliniTaelinIl y a an
  • That dog is growing like a root!

    adrian badrian bIl y a an
    • Hahah I know... he is literally expanding right before our eyes! Sometimes he wakes up from a nap and he does a MASSIVE stretch and I swear you can see him growing haha

      Eamon & BecEamon & BecIl y a an
  • reminds me of leaving the car in Liverpool at the football match in the 80's, the kids would mind your car for a quid so it would still be there at full time when it was time to go home.(what they meant was give us a pound or the car gets it )

    Bad LarryBad LarryIl y a an
  • 🙌👍👍⚘

    SADİ DİKER -grandfather matterSADİ DİKER -grandfather matterIl y a an
  • love those booty shots of Bec .......

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  • lol, captions at 1:18

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  • Wow ! Nice vid

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    • Thank you!!

      Eamon & BecEamon & BecIl y a an
  • Ya, I was showing my hubby the puppy in the cooler part. When it got to him hiccuping face in, hubby said...that’s a carsick doggy!

    Susan CSusan CIl y a an
    • Eamon & Bec actually Rojo is not getting enough water. If u were stationary and his water bowl stayed put, you’d be amazed at all the refills.

      g2gcg2gcIl y a an
    • I don't blame Rojo, I was pretty car sick too!! Although we've been stationary for a few days now and Ro still has the hiccups quite a bit. I think he drinks water too fast ;)

      Eamon & BecEamon & BecIl y a an
  • Loved this video guys! Rojo is the absolute cutest! Also, might not be the case here, but we found out this summer, that as much as our pup loves it, ice will sometimes lead to a surprise vom! Much love and safe travels!

    Hi, I'm Jill.Hi, I'm Jill.Il y a an
  • What do you need to take a dog to Mexico? Thank You! I like your channel!

    Ofelia HoytOfelia HoytIl y a an
  • Amazing waterfalls! I'm gonna miss seeing Rojo when he leaves. 😍 Maybe his future Family could set up a channel or FB page, so we can watch him grow!

    Kathy KayKathy KayIl y a an
  • Thumbs up video, drones, bikinis and water falls are amazing

    J. G.J. G.Il y a an
  • Greetings Eamon and Beck. Worth the drive. Lovely waterfalls.0 Love your van life videos.

    TGG STGG SIl y a an
  • Hey guys, Max and Lee sent us and we enjoyed your video. We are now new subscribers. We loved your little Rojo. Roberta and Danny

    Danny GabaldonDanny GabaldonIl y a an
    • Ah how wonderful!! Welcome to our community Roberta and Danny -- we are so excited to have you joining our journey ❤️😘

      Eamon & BecEamon & BecIl y a an
  • the privet water spot thow.. so nice, much love guys

    Tiny House LifeTiny House LifeIl y a an
    • @Eamon & Bec Epic thumbnail of it too! wish i could travel with you both in my travel trailer, maybe one day i can. You guys should send me a VanLife tour video for my channel! would be awesome!

      Tiny House LifeTiny House LifeIl y a an
    • Best ever!!

      Eamon & BecEamon & BecIl y a an
  • What an amazing job you guys did getting to actually go for a swim by yourselves in that amazing place!! So beautiful and so cool you somehow dodged those insane crowds! Rojo with his head in the cooler was priceless!

    Jesper DahlquistJesper DahlquistIl y a an