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VAN LIFE VLOG living in a van in baja california // baja bound ep.13
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Today's vlog begins in the coastal town of Mulege where we plan on stocking up on food and water for a few days of living in our van off grid along Baja California Sur's peninsula. While the weather isn't ideal we wouldn't dare complain about the sunshine when we could be back home for van life in Toronto in -30 degrees celsius!
We have loved living in a van (self converted sprinter van) for the last year and a half and while we enjoy spending time in Canada it can get a little cold throughout the winter. So, we've decided to hit the road and drive across the continent to enjoy some warmer weather in Baja Mexico. If our last trip to this country taught us anything... it's to expect the unexpected!!

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  • Hello everyone! Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday. For those interested in supporting us by picking up a copy of our 52 plant based cookbook you can head over to our website 🥑🌮 🥑🌮 Much love x

    Eamon & BecEamon & BecIl y a an
    • As much as I'm sure your cookbook is wonderful...... I miss Freestyle Friday! The work you guys did in the book is incredible, but it's not a video... in a van... with you two buddies... making a mess... laughing... dropping things... and we get to see you doing it and eating it. It's just not the same. Make FSF videos and make them available for $1. I'd pay every week. We miss it. And it could be another income source for you.... 🤔

      Your MajestyYour MajestyIl y a an
    • Eamon & Bec I just ordered my Chaiwala Chai starter kit and I am sooooo excited! I will be taking it on our 9 Day Family Road trip to the Florida coast to the great Smoky Mountains and to the Ozarks! I hope it gets here in time! Much love ❤️

      Amanda GonzalezAmanda GonzalezIl y a an
    • @oceanic asmr :D What kind of fucktart comment is that?? None of your business.

      FishtravelsFishtravelsIl y a an
    • Are y’all married?

      oceanic asmr :Doceanic asmr :DIl y a an
    • Already bought it a couple eeeks ago and have a few of the recipes that I’m going to try out this weekend. Starting with the grated apple overnight oats, and then energy balls.

      Rex KRex KIl y a an
  • I live in Mexico. You guys are living my dream.

    Malicious HackerMalicious HackerIl y a 2 mois
  • U r a lucky man

    Darren ClarkDarren ClarkIl y a 3 mois
  • Begging y’all to stop trying to pepper in spanish words to your regular speech

    Laura IorioLaura IorioIl y a 3 mois
  • It used to be called Baja California

    Jennable RoseJennable RoseIl y a 4 mois
  • Sending much 💜❤💙!! Been BINGE watching and I LOVE it! I have kids at home now but when they get older and stable, my hubby and I plan to get a van/bus and travel ALLLL over!!!! Such an inspiration!! ✌🏻✌🏻

    Kate PressleyKate PressleyIl y a 5 mois
  • How does your cookbook work? Is it a digital copy?

    Julie RogersJulie RogersIl y a 5 mois
  • Your Spanish is getting so good guys... i understand you better than i understand Mexicans no offence to Mexicans i'm from Madrid ....

    Amber VallettaAmber VallettaIl y a 5 mois
  • I do not think the go pro stopped recording after her said it i think he just cut that part out to look cool. 😂

    g 1g 1Il y a 7 mois
  • Thumbs up for the time lapse, Bec!

    kelsey myszkowskikelsey myszkowskiIl y a 7 mois
  • no vayas a mexico si no sabes hablar español espero que la gente te engañe

    YT VegitooYT VegitooIl y a 8 mois
  • Love to see young people enjoying baja. Thanks guys

    bajamcguidebajamcguideIl y a 8 mois
  • What campsite is that in Baja?

    Malicious HackerMalicious HackerIl y a 9 mois
  • 0:45 they split the pole 🤣

    Myranda CMyranda CIl y a 10 mois
  • numbers needed in titles. I'm a subscriber and too hard to follow chronologically w/o

    Sandra MckinlaySandra MckinlayIl y a 10 mois
  • HEY YO!! I’m driving my mini school bus to Baja Mexico!! Is it true you don’t need a vehicle permit to drive thru the entire peninsula?!?!! love your videos and would love to hear back from you beautiful people!!! KEP UP THE FUN 🌈💫🦋

    Liz FrazierLiz FrazierIl y a 10 mois
  • Anyone else notice the heart ❤️ at 00:19?

    Tracey FoldsTracey FoldsIl y a 10 mois
  • I'm officially the SEVEN THOUSANDTH person to like this video! So cool! Sending you guys hugs, light, and love! 🤗✨💖

    Sarah ColettiSarah ColettiIl y a 11 mois
  • i love that you call eachother 'my buddy'

    Lana DouberlyLana DouberlyIl y a an
  • Refried beans have pork lard. Uh oh!

    Chinther ThritothriChinther ThritothriIl y a an
  • i have the same wetsuit as Eamon yaaaaay

    Max GoldieMax GoldieIl y a an
  • Can you link the book with the maps and town names you were using? Thx! Lots of love

    Chloe LittsChloe LittsIl y a an
  • Love you guys!

    Forrest Whittaker’s EyeForrest Whittaker’s EyeIl y a an
  • y'all have puppy fever & I have horse-itis! y'all are so cute & inspiring buddy!

    Mars TimeMars TimeIl y a an

    J MarelJ MarelIl y a an
  • I’m confused does she say 3.99 or free.99

    Malie WhitingMalie WhitingIl y a an
  • Yall are so positive like every time one of yall say a negative thing the other one finds the good in the situation

    Aaliyah OrtegaAaliyah OrtegaIl y a an
  • Can yall make an instagram with just pictures of all the sunsets and rises yall see that would be amazing

    Aaliyah OrtegaAaliyah OrtegaIl y a an
  • you guys are so trusting to leave your van open like that lmao

    Brynali MarshallBrynali MarshallIl y a an
  • One bag of treats... “no discussion about IT” Lol! Sunset time laps... Amazzzzzzing!☀️

    Janae AckenhausenJanae AckenhausenIl y a an
  • It's was a great time lapse

    Britany PoseyBritany PoseyIl y a an
  • Where do you guys poop??

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  • How lovely 😊

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  • You guys are the cutest couple!! Love you both!! 😍❤️

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  • Whats the song at 13:51 I've heard of that form but I don't know the name

    R. N. HolmesR. N. HolmesIl y a an
  • Hey guys, love watching your adventures ;) What's that Bec is using at 13:56? Sage?

    Christin HerrmannChristin HerrmannIl y a an
  • I love your guys channel 💞 I’m obsessed 💘

    anna roseanna roseIl y a an
  • Am totally addicted to you guys!

    Ask SourceAsk SourceIl y a an
  • Okay serious question if u drive ur van on the sand will it get stuck

    Kay QuartzKay QuartzIl y a an
  • Kate BECkinsale vibes in that swanky suit! 👌❤️

    Miss Jenn SmithMiss Jenn SmithIl y a an
  • bec!! where are those black-ish jogger pants from?? so cute!

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  • how can you just get in a van and go. because that is all i want rn

    Alyssa ReyesAlyssa ReyesIl y a an
  • You need to go and buy one of those boaters toilets so Bec doesn't have to pee in a bottle, or in the woods with a guy on a 4 wheeler coming past yelling at her. (saw it on another video) lol

    Alicia LAlicia LIl y a an
  • Just found you guys today. . Hope to run into you on the Avenue some day.

    Carolyn RudeCarolyn RudeIl y a an
  • Omg I love paddle boarding

    Ashley MuthAshley MuthIl y a an
    • Us too! Such a great way to get on the water!

      Eamon & BecEamon & BecIl y a an
  • Why don’t you guys get a water filter so you can drink any water on the road?

    Karen HofmanKaren HofmanIl y a an
  • Please don't make the mistake Trent and Allie made and still wear suncream when it's cloudy, don't want to see you both get burnt like they did.

    Suzie WrattenSuzie WrattenIl y a an
  • I'm not sure how far you are young but Todos Santos is a MUST. There is FREE boondock camping on the beach... Also go to La Paz and swim with the whale sharks and seals.. Cabo is WAY to crowded but the East cape is nice.. :)

    Aktivly on the roadAktivly on the roadIl y a an
  • At any one of the beaches in the bay of conception, the people selling you fish will also sell you great produce and any other kind of food that you want.... Just ask them.,.,.,.

    Aktivly on the roadAktivly on the roadIl y a an
  • Enjoyed your vlog. Such beautiful scenery. I think the go pro prefers a deeper voice. Maybe try it and see if it works. LOL

    Lucy's Vandalé Lucy GuerraLucy's Vandalé Lucy GuerraIl y a an
  • In Cabo San Lucas we enjoyed a small shop in square for glass pitcher and glasses. Minerva is a great place to visit for boat fishing but they have flags that are pirates. Lol Giggling Martin great place to eat.. Man I hope to do as your guys. There's also a little place called Turtle Cove for snorkeling.

    Cynthia GonzalesCynthia GonzalesIl y a an
  • Who are the idiots that give this good video a thumbs down. That’s crazy. The go Pro part at the very end was the best part. Good video. Thank you

    SteveCleansSteveCleansIl y a an
  • Another great video!! So glad you started chatting with me. Love your content.

    Dori & MenaDori & MenaIl y a an
  • Just got your cook book, It looks great! Haven't cooked from it yet, but for sure I will. I'm not a vegan but eat mostly veggie based and looking for on the road recipes that mean less water use for clean up and cooking and just good basic ingredients. Well done. Watching your adventures and the way you deal with them makes me happy. Thanks lovely people.

    Liz TLiz TIl y a an
  • Hahaha the gropro hates my voice too!

    Wando TalesWando TalesIl y a an
  • Love the scenery guys. Btw made the gnocchi soup it was a hit!

    Lashes ForLyfeLashes ForLyfeIl y a an
  • Amazing country mexico people are great food is lush amen to Mexico there's a festival few days time yaaaa mexico city

    Tom SmithTom SmithIl y a an
  • At the end lol

    Lindz MartinezLindz MartinezIl y a an
  • Love watching you guys in Mexico! Went down there back in 95 Homebase was El Coyote! Slanted a cross on top of a mountain just behind the campsite! There's a cave up there goes in about 10 feet nothing to write home about! The cross was just a stick with my wife's and name and my name on it that's where we went for a honeymoon! Wife is gone just wondering if the stick is still there LOL hope you have a great trip! Get off the beaten path there is some UNESCO sites to go to on the Pacific side, hope to get the hell away from what I'm doing soon! And that certainly will be my home base!! Happy trails!

    Allen HynesAllen HynesIl y a an
  • Great episode. Man...I want to go there. By the way, "potable" is pronounced "poatable". Should be easy for you Canucks cuz that's what you're all aboat :)

    funkyjonesfunkyjonesIl y a an
  • They do have Catch up tomatobut in It is Called cat soup

    Delfi RivasDelfi RivasIl y a an
  • I love your video's. I think you need to update you rv.

    Codie WyniaCodie WyniaIl y a an
  • I’m so confused who is taking the drone shots, especially when it’s literally of you two or of you guys while you are driving lol

    samiesstuffsamiesstuffIl y a an
    • I drive and Eamon flies the drone while he sits in the passenger seat!

      Eamon & BecEamon & BecIl y a an
  • 👍👍👍that's basically all there is to say ;)

    M. MacG. H.M. MacG. H.Il y a an
  • He's cute but God I hate the man bun

    Martin TovarMartin TovarIl y a an
  • What an awesome adventure! Really liked those paddle boards come on I'll have to look into them for when we are on the road

  • I haven't seen your videos for a while. They're super sweet these days. Eamon seems softer on the videos now. You guys are so sweet with each other. Really nice to see. Videos were always good and they're getting better! Van changes too. Wow! Thanks for sharing your inspiring life and your obvious gratitude for it.

    Erika ChristiansenErika ChristiansenIl y a an
  • Bec I feel like you have a whole new wardrobe! New wardrobe tour for Mexico life??

    Maya RainMaya RainIl y a an
    • Lol I definetely have a few new linen staples and a couple of hats... would be happy to share in an upcoming vlog ♡ Happy Sundau Maya x

      Eamon & BecEamon & BecIl y a an
  • I hope you guys find a puppy and adopt it!

    Alexis JacksonAlexis JacksonIl y a an
  • Wait so showering with soap and shampoo do you also do that with the van shower or do you make stops for thoses? Also how do you do laundry?

    Sophie HimlinSophie HimlinIl y a an
  • I want to be like you two when I grow up!❤️ love watching your videos ❤️

    Emmalise PicklesEmmalise PicklesIl y a an
  • U did an amazing job ☀️

    La Niece PedenLa Niece PedenIl y a an
  • Oops! DISREGARD my previous message! Along with a receipt in my email...a second email was sent with a link, however...for some reason, I’m unable to get into my iBooks! I’ll get some help from someone! Thanks so much! Enjoy Mexico!

    lsavvy33lsavvy33Il y a an
  • Hi Eamon & Bec! I just purchased your 52 Recipe showed up...all 66 pages... I was in the process of sending it to my iBooks and it’s nowhere to be found! I’m not sire what I did but I lost it. Is there anyway you and send the link to my email or somehow? I’m not too good at this techy stuff. All I know is I followed the instruction to select the title, but when it states that apple products must hit the share button at the bottom... There wasn’t any such button. So at the top right of my page, I selected my arrow to send to iBooks...trying 3 times and nothing happened. When I hit the back button or done button...It disappeared. I can’t find it anywhere! HELP!!!

    lsavvy33lsavvy33Il y a an
    • lsavvy33 hey I’m your email for the ebook there should be contact info for any tech issues. Probably should email them at that address to ensure you get a response since FRworld filters the comments with the ones it seems “most popular” at the top so E and B may not see your comment.

      Neva JohnsNeva JohnsIl y a an
  • Couldn't you all boil a little water to put in the solar shower tank on days when it's cool and the sun doesn't come out much ? It's so much more relaxing !

    anna christineanna christineIl y a an
  • Hey guys, seems like the water is okay to drink in Baja, have you come across problems before in Mexico finding safe drinking water?

    Marlo ScafeMarlo ScafeIl y a an
  • You guys are so inspiring for us, every time we watch! Truly. I so feel us being best friends :))))) One day we will share a bonfire and some chai... can it be that day already!! The scenes were well crafted, loved the paddle boarding sequence and always love me some van life "this is how we do it" scenes. We bought dog and cat food when we were in Morocco to feed all the strays that we wanted to take home but couldn't... it was so sad. We'd arrive to a beautiful free 99 spot ( ☺️), and then these sweet and scared starving animals would come out and we'd try to throw them treats and they would run away (they were used to people throwing rocks), but eventually they would come close and then they never wanted to leave our side ♡ We both would love a van dog or kitty but, nope, it's not fair to just yet. But the time will come! Anyway, sending you our love!

    Mr and Mrs AdventureMr and Mrs AdventureIl y a an
  • Love paddle boarding, that beach....sooooo jealous!😍

    Jennifer JonesJennifer JonesIl y a an
  • I have a rotation of FRworldrs that I subscribe to. And sometimes I get sick of a channel and move on. But NEVER E&B. *throws vanlife gang sign ✌️🤙

    Your MajestyYour MajestyIl y a an
  • What if you have a kid? How will you set up the van?

    AJLawrenceAJLawrenceIl y a an
  • Is it just me or so You guys have like a documentary vibe going on in these? Love it!!! Such incredible hard work and thought has went into these. Yall are awesome!

    Divine Spark PhotographyDivine Spark PhotographyIl y a an
  • It looks so beautiful where your at and i can feel the love between you two it's so nice to see youngsters dedicated to each other,have a blessed day eamon and bec

    Paula CapotePaula CapoteIl y a an
  • lying in bed saturday morning, big snow last night here in valley forge, pa Really appreciate you guys sharing this. Thx!

    Steve BellSteve BellIl y a an
  • It must be unusually cold everywhere, although it is only February. I live in the tropics and it's definitely sweater weather still.

    Ingrid JanssonIngrid JanssonIl y a an
  • You guys should get a tiny dog you guys obviously love them

    Trevor HymanTrevor HymanIl y a an
  • I just started watching you guys today! I love your channel so much!! I love to travel! You guys have inspired me to get a van or a bus when I'm older and renovate it to my liking. I'm totally going to travel around the world like you guys are! It sounds like the best life ever! I subscribed to your channel and I love you guys so much!!! ❤️ 🌎 ✈️

    Twilight__ PotatoTwilight__ PotatoIl y a an
  • Guess who’s here Anthony

    Fallout Fan boyFallout Fan boyIl y a an
  • OMG, inflatable paddle boards!!! Brain explosion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Kathy MacdonaldKathy MacdonaldIl y a an
  • Looks like you're having a blast! Last February two friends and I trailered dual-sport bikes down from Ucluelet and Edmonton and rode from the Cali/Mex border and spent time in the same spots you're at. The whale watching at Guerrero Negro was incredible, to say the least. Being able to touch those majestic beasts and then see them roll under the boat was pretty amazing. And the guides don't chase them, the whales always came to the boats and were just curious. It was pretty special. We rode our bikes from Mulege over the mountains and into Scorpion Bay. If you get that way you need to talk to some expats - Mike and Cholie who own the Cowabunga Motel. They're awesome folks. We always had dog treats in our tank bags as there's always a dog about. Being vegan i ate lots of those bags of refried beans. They were pretty good actually :) I can't wait to go back - preferably in a van with the bike in the back!

    roamingsmurphroamingsmurphIl y a an
  • Viva Mexico.......and puppies !

    Pauline DavisPauline DavisIl y a an
  • It’s not Baja , it’s Baja California Sur

    Samantha Saenz OrtizSamantha Saenz OrtizIl y a an
  • Let the man have a puppy. You will love it . I bet there are lots to rescue in Mexico.

    Lynda HammondLynda HammondIl y a an
  • Love your bathing suit!! where is it from??!

    Lizzy ArmstrongLizzy ArmstrongIl y a an
  • Sunrise thumbs-up

    Melanie RideThePhoenixSkoolieMelanie RideThePhoenixSkoolieIl y a an
  • No Bikinis...but we have Garbanzo Beans!!!

    AirStream Azza DreamAirStream Azza DreamIl y a an
  • The quality of your vlogs has improved so much since I subscribed 8 months ago! Also you two have the best personalities and I love watching you guys together, that’s was truly makes the channel great 😄

    Tige LussierTige LussierIl y a an
  • @Dave2D !!!!!!!!

    Anthony koroilavesauAnthony koroilavesauIl y a an
  • I have a question: how do you get wifi in your van? Seriously considering becoming a vanlifer (:p) & I have read many people talk about using phone data, but i use the internet practically 6 hours/day, which would eat ~3g/day = roughly 100g/month! Cheaper alternatives?

    Joseph -Joseph -Il y a an
  • I get what you mean about the cold... people get upset when you say your cold and it’s 60°F but dude the wind chill is surprisingly cold

    Zachary BlanchardZachary BlanchardIl y a an
  • Hey! You guys should definetly consider going to Playa Balandra, wich is located in La Paz, its beautiful!!! xoxo

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